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“ I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience at any of the El Sombrero restaurants. We were seated immediately. Someone was with us right away to take our drink order. Upon returning with our drinks, took out food order. Chips and salsa got delivered right after she asked what we wanted to drink. Our food came out pretty fast and was sizzling hot! It was SO delicious! I ordered a shrimp quesadilla and my husband ordered the Burrito a la Roqueta, which he really enjoyed! The whole process was so smooth and enjoyable! We always look forward to dining here!”

Nate Wilson

, 2 days ago

“ Yum! Really good Mexican food. Homemade salsa with just the right amount of heat. We got the seafood nachos. Tilapia and scallops and shrimp were well seasoned and not overcooked. Variety of veggies cooked to perfection. My belly is happy. 😁”

Crystal Clemons

, 2 days ago

“I eat here literally 4 times per week on average. Great staff and the food is always good. I can be in and out for lunch in under 20 minutes! They have been a part of the community for at 35 years that I can remember. I’m sure I’ve eaten here a thousand times over the years.”


, 2 days ago

Why People Choose Us

Clients’ Most Popular Choise

Why People Choose Us

Clients’ Most Popular Choise

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From Ravioli with spinach and ricotta cheese to Farfalle with mushrooms and spinach, here are the dishes our customers ordered most this week.

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Made with flour, pasta can be formed into sheets, strips or any other shape. In fact, you’ll find over 600 pasta shapes across the globe.  This may seem fairly simple, but sometimes it may leave you with lumpy and limp results. Cras vestibulum turpis ad, in euismod aliquam ac vel vitae, tellus mi metus vel vivamus penatibus, proin egestas. Neque…

Best 10 Burgers Recipes

Fire up the grill and try one of these burger ideas. Here are our very best recipes so you’re sure to please every guest at your table. From classic ground chuck to vegan patties, let’s be frank about burgers: What’s not to love? Vivamus magna donec fermentum, diam consectetuer sapien posuere id ligula, consectetuer faucibus venenatis ultricies et eget, massa tristique.…

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